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Please take a few minutes to read the following testimonials provided by Entertainers and Activity Coordinators who use our service.

"Music and entertainment provide a timeless source of fun and laughter - a celebration of life and living that brings a natural and necessary joy to the lives of our seniors, regardless of their ability or language. That's why at Chartwell Seniors Housing offering our residents quality entertainment is extremely important to us.
We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with WES. Our program staff are highly encouraged to use this site as their first point of contact to access top quality entertainers across Canada.
WES offers a large variety of entertainers in an easy to use, time saving fashion. Starting March 1, 2011, Chartwell Program Managers across Canada will start using this website.
Thank you WES for creating such a fantastic resource for our properties."
Allison Schindler
Programs and Support Services Consultant
Long Term Care Ontario
Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT
Laura Forsyth
Director of Life Enrichment, Canadian Retirement Communities
Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT

"Lori has created something that I wish I had thought of. I have been entertaining seniors for many years and this is the time of year (October) when all the booking for the upcoming year takes place. For the entertainers and for the Activity Co-ordinators it has always involved endless phone calls, letters, faxes and follow ups. This year it's different. I receive the phone calls. Activity directors have already read what my clients have to say about me. They have seen my picture and read my bio. And I can send potential clients to the site rather than giving them a list of references which involves more phone calls. In short, Lori, you have made everybody's job so much easier and more enjoyable. My 2011 is shaping up beautifully thanks to We Entertain Seniors. Hats off to Lori !"
Helen Stewart - Melody Magic

"Lori, Things are going very well, I got two leads and two bookings from the site over the past week! Just thought I'd share that with you."
Ingvar, Ingvar & Friends, Sing-Along, Comedy and Magic Entertainment

"Lori, Your website is just what I was looking for, very valuable for both the entertainer and those looking for our service. Within days of listing my service, the calls and emails started to arrive, and not just inquiries, but bookings. Thank you very much for helping me make those connections."
Rick Valiant, "Songs of Sinatra"

"Thank you so much for We Entertain It is an absolute lifesaver! I consider it my most cherished resource. I had a late cancellation on my cell phone for New Years Eve and I immediately called my office and instructed my staff to go on the website to find a replacement. In less than an hour they found someone who was new to your website and was available. The person we hired said that she received 3 phone calls within the first hour of being on the website. WOW, good job!"
Azmina Khimji, Recreation and Volunteer Manager
Windermere Care Centre, Vancouver BC

"We Entertain Seniors has been the very best marketing decision we have made this year. Lori has filled a niche that has been long left unfilled and it gave our tour company almost instant business. We enjoyed the soft adventures as much as our guests did. After a very tough tourism year in 2009 we are now looking forward to the rest of 2010. Keep up the great work!"
Jo-Anne & Rob Chadwick, Fraser River Safari eco tours in Mission B.C.

"I am extremely please with We Entertain I joined the website about a year ago, and with the careful guidance of Lori, I've been getting lots of gigs and great reviews on my profile page. One of the unique things about the website is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on your own website Lori has created a page for you that is as good, or better than a website. I've found over the last year that if I have question or need help I can contact Lori, she answers my questions and helps me make the changes. A real pro. If you want to be out there. This is the way to go."
Peter Montgomery, Musician / Entertainer

"This is the best idea for both the entertainers and the people looking for entertainment. Being an Activity Coordinator for over 16 years one can get stale and out of date. This website provides the opportunity to see "the new gang on the block" and it is also great to find theme day entertainment. Our seniors are always looking for new music and new faces. What better way to find them than through We Entertain KUDOS to you and staff behind the scenes…with great gratitude."
Katie (Kim) McElroy
Evergreen Heights Activity Coordinator